Come as you are…because you are enough

What if it is possible you are enough, just as you are?

Do you…

~feel like an impostor?

~worry that if others really knew you, they wouldn’t like you?

~have impossibly high standards for yourself and others?

~work hard to fit in and measure-up?

What if it were possible…

~to let it all go?

~to share your story without shame?

~to feel accepted and loved just as you are?

~to know that you are enough without having to measure-up?

Most of the time, the biggest prison sentence that we all face is not the situation that we find ourselves in. It’s not the impossible boss, the demanding job, the challenging relationship or the difficult financial straits.  It’s the prison of our own mind.

~It’s the belief that we have no choice.  

~It’s the lack of confidence in our abilities.

~It’s the fear of change.  

If anyone should have given in to the stories and beliefs around him, it was Sean Stephenson.  Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, his parents were told that he would die within the first 24 hours of his life.  Instead he has not only survived, he has thrived.  Here is his story…

Ready to break out of the prison of “I’m not good enough”?  

Here’s how to begin…

  • Pay attention to the “I can’t” stories that you believe about yourself
    • I can’t because I don’t have a college degree
    • I can’t because the economy is bad
    • I can’t because I don’t have the time
    • I can’t because I don’t know how
    • I can’t because I don’t have the money
  • Share your story with someone who will listen, be encouraging and also challenge you.  Create a regular support system with a friend, a mentor or a coach.
  • Change the story by asking yourself,  “What if it’s possible…?” and act as though that new story were the truth.
  • Take imperfect action by stepping into the real you.  Relax. Be kind to yourself.  Breathe:)

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