One Word and Vision Boards

vision board

How to use vision boards to set and achieve goals For the last several years, I have chosen a word in January to give me focus for the year. Then using the word as a theme, I create a vision board to provide focus for the year. Mid year is always a good time to…

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Create an elevator pitch that clicks

Your elevator pitch and you You are at a networking event and someone asks you, “What do you do?”  What does your elevator pitch sound like? A. Um… I’m justa coach. B.  I help people who are in life transition… you know,  like in their career or relationships or parenting troubles and, I even help people…

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Are you stressed out? Being an entrepreneur means being stressed… right? Isn’t that just part of the way things work?   Stressed about getting new clients. Stressed about getting work done. Stressed about how to present your elevator pitch at the next networking event. What if being stressed isn’t the way it has to be? …

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The Power of Someone Who Believes in You

Who Believes in YOU? You’ve been thinking about it a long time and finally, finally, at long last, you’ve shared your dream with someone. Maybe it’s a new career, or venture or business. What is their response? Are they the voice of reason:  “You know everyone wants to own their own business, but 4 out…

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Maybe you should be a quitter

woman and goals

Got your goals in place? Is one of your goals to be a quitter? What if the most important question you could answer is not what are you going to do? What if the most important question is: What are you not going to do? What will you give up?  What will you quit doing?…

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Are you living in Camp Abundance or Camp Scarcity?

Create an Abundant Mindset I recently heard from a client who was totally stressed out by the possibility of another business owner moving in on her idea and ultimately her territory.  Worried that a colleague had taken her unique business idea, made it her own and was ready to launch her own business, my client was…

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