The Power of Someone Who Believes in You

Who Believes in YOU?

You’ve been thinking about it a long time and finally, finally, at long last,

you’ve shared your dream with someone.

Maybe it’s a new career, or venture or business.

What is their response?

Are they the voice of reason:  “You know everyone wants to own their own business, but 4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first year.”

Are they voice of Christmas past:  “You know you’ve tried this sort of thing before and it was a total failure.  Why do you want to stress yourself out again?”

Are they the voice of experience:  “You know Charlene tried to do something just like that last year and it fell flat. You better hold on to that stable job you got with benefits and retirement. You don’t know how lucky you are to be right where you are.”

Or are they an encourager, a believer, who knows how to not only see who you are today, but also sees the transformed person you can and will become:  “You have great talent and ability.  You’d be fabulous at that!  What can I do to help?”

We all need an encourager in our lives.  Someone who offers clear and truthful support without a zillion practical warnings and disclaimers attached.  Someone who can truly set you free to embark on the journey of a lifetime.  As a career coach, my mission is to be that encourager for you.  To hold that space in your future.  

Of course there is work to be done.

There are plans to be made.

But finding and connecting with that one special person who will launch you forward into your dream can be a genuine jolt of energy that will propel you forward.  It’s not a glib, “You go girl!”  It’s recognizing and believing in the power and ability that you have within you.  It’s helping you see your own strengths and power even if you are unsure, doubtful or discouraged.  

Who is that person and where can you find them?  It might be a coach, a mentor, a family member or a friend, but you will know instantly when you connect with them.  They don’t discount the hard road ahead and the effort you will need to put forth, but they clearly see the future that is calling you forward.

We all need a tribe of encouragers in our lives.  I’ve sought out a group of believers that keep me moving forward.  

I hope that you have as well.

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