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Children Learn Best Through Stories -
Meet Wyatt the Wonder Dog -
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"Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Teamwork, is another great example of helping kids improve their social skills. It teaches kids the power of working together and how much better we are when we work as a community"

— Melissa Toren Hrin, Professional School Counselor,
Portland, OR

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Children learn best through story and all the Wyatt the Wonder Dog picture books are ready made lessons on social skills and emotional learning with discussion questions and an activity in the back.


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Wyatt the Wonder Dog Kits and Digital Resources are designed to help busy elementary school counselors nurture tomorrow's leaders with powerful lesson plans and fun activities that engage young students.


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About Wyatt the Wonder Dog

Meet Wyatt... a dog who wonders about everything

My name is Wyatt - they call me The Wonder Dog because I wonder about everything.

Like your students, I have a hard time sitting still and listening. I have to practice really hard on this.

 I’d love to get to know you and learn how I can help your students. If you'll grab a dog treat and click the button, I'll tell you more!


Wyatt The Wonder Dog Books

by Lynne Watts

Wyatt good manners
Wyatt Mindset
Wyatt giving book cover
Wyatt Kindergarten
Wyatt organized
Wyatt Teamwork book

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What People Say About The Wyatt Books

kind words from educators, parents, and kids!

"Going to kindergarten is a milestone for everyone and the beginning of the year is usually filled with excitement and angst.  Wyatt the Wonder Dog addresses the typical concerns that most children have in a sweet and relatable way.  Kindergarten really is fun!"

— Laura Uszenski
Kindergarten Teacher

"Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Teamwork is another great example of helping kids improve their social skills.  It teaches kids the power of working together and how much better we are when we work as a community"

—Melissa Toren Hrin, Professional School Counselor
Beverly Cleary School, Portland, OR

"[Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Mindset] This book is funny!  It's dogs doing things that only people do!  I learned to try new things."

— Samuel Traub
Age 6

Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Giving is a delightful book that teaches kids (and reminds adults, as well) that generosity is possible no matter how old, young, rich or poor we are.  This is a powerful message and an engaging story that every child will love. 

~Jen McDonough, author of Living Beyond Rich

Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Friendship teaches not only friendship and making connections, but also how to become successful at problem solving. Great for school counselors, teachers and families.  Bravo! 

Sharissa Shatten~ School Counselor

Feeling left out? Need help getting along with friends? Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Cooperation weaves important life skills into engaging story telling. Join Wyatt as he learns how to be the superhero in his group of friends by using cooperation and compromise.

~MaryFrances Gonzalez MACCCSLP

Have you ever had a friend that did some things that you disagreed with? Wyatt does and he doesn't know what to do about it. Join Wyatt as he learns that being honest with his friend is the best and only way to solve the problem. A great story!

~Lynn Hughes M.Ed. school counselor

If you've ever lost your lunch money or misplaced your favorite toy, you can relate to Wyatt the Wonder Dog.  This adorable story offers simple, helpful ideas that kids and parents can use to make life less stressful and more fun!

~Erin K. Casey, author