About the Author

Lynne Watts

Children as well as adults face problems every day. As an elementary school counselor for twenty years in Canton Georgia, I helped children solve hundreds of problems much like the ones Wyatt is faced with in the Wyatt series. I am continually amazed and encouraged by the creativity, enthusiasm and courage of children. Through the Wyatt stories, I hope to empower many more children to become successful problem solvers and leaders in their everyday lives.

I have masters and a specialist degree in Education and Counseling from Georgia State University. Before starting my own coaching and consulting business, I worked as an addiction counselor and a rehab counselor as well as a school counselor for 30+ years. Today as a certified DISC trainer and business coach I help clients create work they can love so they can do work that matters. I provide individual coaching and staff training in personality style, crucial conversations and creating a positive environment.

My most rewarding role however, has been that of parent to my two creative and talented daughters, Laura and Hayley. It has been an honor and a privilege to encourage them to discover and achieve their dreams.

You can also follow my story at DreamAchieverCoach.com. I love to hear your comments and ideas. Keep on wondering!


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About the Illustrator

Pam Gardner

Pam’s experience as a retired elementary school art teacher, as well as the antics of her beloved dogs and cats, past and present, provide her inspiration for illustrating the predicaments in which Wyatt finds himself.  Pam likes to spend time painting, hiking, biking, watching movies with her family and playing with grandsons, Trevor, Owen and Tyler.  She lives in the North Georgia countryside with her husband Glenn, and their dogs Callie and Scout.

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