Living a purposeful life

woman unsure

Three ways to live a life of purpose Are you living the life you wish to live? Or are you living a life of comfortable complacency? I believe we all have a mission or a calling in life.  It might not be a big world wide mission like caring for the dying as Mother Teresa…

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Overwhelmed? 5 Practical Steps to Regain Control

Feeling Overwhelmed? Got too much to do? Are your To Do Lists multiplying like rabbits? Feel like you are on a never-ending tread mill? What would it be like if you could regain focus and get back in the driver’s seat? What if instead of making organization a goal… you established some habits that would…

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Five Reasons to Smile

girl smiling

Need a free and effortless mood lifter? What if there was one simple thing that you could do repeatedly, that would life your mood and the mood of everyone around you, teachers and kids alike? And what if that one thing was so simple it took no extra energy or effort? What if it was…

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What if stress is good for you?

How embracing stress can result in growth Take a moment and think about a time in your life when you experienced a lot of personal growth.  Perhaps it was in your career or your personal life.  Maybe it was a time of spiritual growth. Got it? Now pause again and think about a time in…

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3 Ways to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

two girls and ideas

And Why It Matters Very young children often ask a million questions, so many that as adults we can become worn out with answering them. However as children get older, they often stop asking so many questions. Maybe they’ve been stifled. Maybe we’ve said figure it out for yourself too often. Maybe they are much…

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Are You Procrastinating?

How to overcome the procrastination monster What are you avoiding doing…right now? Getting some work done? Connecting with someone that you need to talk to? Spending some time in renewal:  exercise, meditation, prayer? Procrastination takes many forms. Sometimes in the past, if I wasn’t clear on exactly what the perfect next step was, I’d get…

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