The Power of the Positive

Setting the Tone with a Positive Culture

How often do you begin the day, the conversation, the class, the lesson… with something positive? Could it make a difference in learning, attitude and interactions?  When we come from a genuine and positive place, we are more likely to get a positive response. Not to mention that it provides  a good role model that kids can pay forward.

Here are three different activities to promote the positive either in a group setting or individually:

  • Share things that you are proud of: I’m proud of the way you are listening, I’m proud of the way you are helping each other, I’m proud of what you have learned, I’m proud of how hard you are trying…
  • Play the compliment game: One person is it and everyone else has an opportunity to share a compliment. This is a good time to teach meaningful compliments. Rather than I like your hair, your shirt etc. , have students begin with, “I like the way you…” and then end with a behavior. “I like the way you helped me. I like the way you included me in the game.”  Then teach the recipient how to respond to compliments with a sincere, “Thank you.”
  • Have a strength hand talk: The student can draw a hand and write in positive characteristics that describe themselves or a partner could share strengths. Another possibility is that you could touch each finger on a student’s hand and say a strength for each finger. “You are kind, you are helpful, you are thoughtful, you are a hard worker, you are honest etc.

Taking the time to intentionally set a positive tone for a lesson or an individual session can reap rewards throughout the day.

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