Is It Possible to Create a Zen Like Calm at Work?

The Secret: Taking Charge of Your Feelings

Research shows that two out of every three people are unhappy at work… Are you one of them?

Did you know that there are a higher number of heart attacks on Sunday evening than any other day of the week?  Bet you can guess why…

Whether your job is your dream job or your personal nightmare, you may not be able to control many aspects of your work but–you can control how you feel about your work.

Think it’s possible to create a Zen-like calm at work?  It absolutely is!

Realign yourself with your personal power and become the leader in your work life.  This means that rather than reacting to the daily grind, you take charge and create a schedule and a system for how you work.

Here are 5 secret tips:

Plan a moment of reflection and intention every morning before you step into your work role.  You can do this in as little as 5 minutes or less. Stop doing anything. Focus. Breathe in calm and breathe out stress.  Finish these two sentences:

    1. Today I choose to be___________ (focused, confident, assertive, productive–you decide and fill in the blank)
    2. Today I choose to feel __________ (calm, happy, positive–you decide and fill in the blank)

Write it down and post your intention where you will be reminded  of it all day.

Develop your interests and relationships outside your work.  You are not your work. Having a balanced life will help you appreciate both the time you spend at work and elsewhere. When you are not at work… let it go. No whining, complaining or gossiping. Focus on the present moment and enjoying that.

Create a list of priorities each day and stick with it. Evaluate each task to determine if you should…

    1. Eliminate it–Is it necessary? Is it busy work? Are you doing it in order to avoid something else?
    2. Automate it– Is there a better way that uses less time and energy?
    3. Delegate it–Are you doing unnecessary tasks? Could someone else do it if you asked them and trained them?
    4. Do it later–Is it THE top priority? Tackle your most difficult and challenging tasks first thing in the morning when your focus and energy is at its peak.

Create a positive work environment.  Do not encourage or participate in gossip, negativity or drama. Instead train your mind to look for the positive and express gratitude to others.  Keep a gratitude journal that focuses on what you are grateful for at work.

Take time at the end of each day to get set up for the next.  Clear your desk.  Prepare your space so that you can hit the ground running rather than spend time figuring out where to start. Create your list of priorities for the next day.



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