Five Steps to Self-confidence

How to Develop Self Confidence Here’s a little quiz for you: When you think about taking the dream that you have and turning it into a reality:  Do you worry that you aren’t talented enough to pull it off? Do you wrestle with uncertainty? Are you afraid for no reason? You have a new job…

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Have you failed lately?

What if the key to success is massive failure? Failure is an experience that we all avoid isn’t it? Whether you are starting a new business or a new career… Whether you are answering phones or making cold calls… Our goal is to always be successful…right? Failure on the other hand is something we have…

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Six questions to create your best summer

Three silly, playing kids

Reflections on Your Daily Experience What if instead of trying to have the grandest summer ever, you tried to be your personal best every day… summer included?  Rather than falling into the comparison trap of comparing your summer t o that of your Facebook or Instagram friends, what if you used a different approach to…

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Five Top Sales Strategies for Introverts

Introverts can be Great at sales Do you have an idea for a business or a product but think that you don’t have the self-confidence to sell it? Have you put the time and effort into creating a product… but hate asking people to buy it? Do you describe yourself as an introvert who gets shaky…

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Goal setting, personality style and you

How to make your personality style work in your favor Do you set goals then fight against them? Do you find that you work hard to meet other’s expectations but fail to live up to your own? Maybe you question whether setting goals is even useful or necessary at all… In her fascinating book, Better…

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Two Tips to Double Your Productivity

productive woman on phone

Eliminate Two Things to Be More Productive What if you could make two simple changes in your life and double your productivity?   What if it not only increased your productivity but it also freed you from unnecessary stress and frustration?  It’s a no brainer… right?  Here are two changes I’ve been making that have improved…

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