Is It Possible to Create a Zen Like Calm at Work?


The Secret: Taking Charge of Your Feelings Research shows that two out of every three people are unhappy at work… Are you one of them? Did you know that there are a higher number of heart attacks on Sunday evening than any other day of the week?  Bet you can guess why… Whether your job…

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School Counselors and Journaling with Kids


  Journaling can be a very effective counseling and teaching technique for kids of all ages. It can be used in small groups, individual sessions and classroom lessons. There are many advantages to journaling including: Each student has a personal book all their own Each student has an opportunity to express, explore, and identify emotions…

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Should You Go Back to School?

confused woman

Considering Going Back to School? Here’s a little quiz for you: Answer True or False to the following questions: It’s a good idea to go back to school to earn another degree or certification if you want to change careers and go into a new field. It’s a good idea to go back to school…

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Goal setting: what people don’t know

Moving beyond goal setting to goal getting When I talk with clients about goal setting, there are always a few (okay, a lot) who give up before they start.  They usually say things like: I tried setting goals… and they don’t work for me. I just don’t have any willpower. I’m tired of setting goals. …

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Holiday Stress?

5 Tips Guaranteed to Beat It In case you didn’t notice… the world is gearing up for another holiday season. Are you looking forward to it? Or dreading the stress? Eagerly anticipating family gatherings? Or agonizing over the perfect gifts? Wondering how you will fit everything into your already busy schedule? Here’s some tips to…

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Five Tips to Tap Into Your Creative Spirit

We All Are Creative Every creative is challenged with how to best structure their life to engage in creative pursuits. Just how do you get the work done? How do you tap into that creative spirit? Do you require yourself to spend a designated amount of time every day working on your craft, no matter…

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