Anger: Let It Go or Problem Solve?

angry girls

In a previous post, I discussed anger and how it interacts with the brain.  If kids are not tuned in to anger, its cause, and their choices, then anger can come out sideways. This is what happens when kids “flip their lid” or allow the reptilian brain to take charge over the more modern brain.…

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Planning Counts: Ending the School Year Strong

counselor lesson plans

Planning Counts One thing that I enjoyed about working in a school was that the year and the job had a definite beginning and end. There was always the excited anticipation at the beginning of the year and of course a different kind of excitement as the year came to a close and students moved…

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Is It Possible to Motivate Kids?


Kids and Motivation In today’s educational environment, we are more aware than ever that student motivation and engagement is essential for lasting learning. I can’t tell you how many times as a school counselor, I had discussions with teachers, parents and kids about being motivated. However, I’m afraid we rarely discussed how important intrinsic motivation…

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How to Help Kids Develop Compassion, Courage and Connection

Male Student Working At Desk In Chinese School Classroom

Journaling to Help Kids Develop Compassion, Courage and Connection Summer’s almost here and what a great time to get kids involved in journaling. With a break from studying and academics, journaling can be a fun way to develop writing skills, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence, just to name a few.  In this video, I…

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Should You Go Back to School?

confused woman

Considering Going Back to School? Here’s a little quiz for you: Answer True or False to the following questions: It’s a good idea to go back to school to earn another degree or certification if you want to change careers and go into a new field. It’s a good idea to go back to school…

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