Create an elevator pitch that clicks

Your elevator pitch and you

You are at a networking event and someone asks you, “What do you do?”  What does your elevator pitch sound like?

A. Um… I’m justa coach.

B.  I help people who are in life transition… you know,  like in their career or relationships or parenting troubles and, I even help people hook up with a marriage partner because I’m really good at connections.  Oh and I also volunteer at a pet shelter so sometimes, so I help dog lovers find their perfect pet.  In my free time, I’m thinking about starting a dog training business on the side because I love dogs and my friends even call me ‘the dog whisperer’. I also dabble in astrology…

C.  I’m a business life coach and I help clients create work they can love so they can do work that matters.  My clients will tell you, I provide support, structure and most of all clarity as they explore their possibilities.

D.  Well um, I’m a coach and um, I guess I mostly um help people with, you know, their career.

Which one is someone that you would want to work with? or refer your best friend to?  Why?

How you define your business may not seem that important.  After all, you know what you are doing, right?  And once people talk to you for long enough or work with you, then they will recognize that, right?  The problem is, if you can’t clearly define in a couple of sentences what you do, you may not get a chance for someone to find out how well you do it.  Because they won’t stick around long enough to give you that chance.

Here’s what you want your elevator pitch to do:

  • Last no longer than 30-45 seconds
  • Be short and clear
  • Engage the listener and spark interest in your business
  • Explain the problem you solve/how you help people
  • Identify what is unique about your business
  • Identify results that you produce
  • Communicate confidence

Here’s a template for your elevator pitch:

I help (who do you help…women, businesses, pet owners, etc.) to (what is the goal, the result, the problem that you correct?)  .  My clients will tell you I (how do you correct the problem? what is your system or process for getting results?).

Here are some examples of elevator pitches that click:

I help clients who are burned out or transitioning from one career to another, find and create work they can love.  My clients will tell you, I provide support, structure and most of all clarity as they explore their possibilities.

I train dogs to be a loving and obedient companion.  I use a positive training approach and teach dogs how to behave, instead of how NOT to behavior.

I help women who are overweight develop a healthy lifestyle through changing their mindset and creating lifelong positive habits.

Ready?  Now it’s your turn…

Design your own elevator pitch and share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Ann on April 12, 2016 at 11:32 am

    I empower women to enjoy vibrant health at every stage of life so they can be catalysts for change in their families, workplaces and communities. My clients will tell you I provide step-by-step support, encouragement and resources that makes health and wholeness achievable.

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