Are you living in Camp Abundance or Camp Scarcity?

Create an Abundant Mindset

I recently heard from a client who was totally stressed out by the possibility of another business owner moving in on her idea and ultimately her territory.  Worried that a colleague had taken her unique business idea, made it her own and was ready to launch her own business, my client was frantic to push ahead with her business before she lost it altogether…

Have you been there?

Worried that someone else will steal your unique idea before you get it in production?

Feeling hurt and betrayed by someone taking your idea and running with it?

Concerned that all your hard work is going down the drain?

Don’t worry… it’s all good.  It just sounds like you are operating out of a lack mindset.

The Lack Mindset

What is the lack mindset?  No it doesn’t mean that you are lacking in brain cells or anything else other than perhaps confidence and a positive outlook.  The lack mindset believes:

  • There is only one unique product and if I don’t get mine out there first I might as well give up
  • There are only a set number of customers and someone else could get my share
  • There is a limit to how much money I can make, how many customers I can serve and how many products I can sell
  • That competition is something to be avoided at all costs

The Abundant Mindset

What is the abundant mindset?  The abundant mindset believes:

  • The universe is capable of supporting many variations of the same idea or business.
  • If what I offer provides a unique service and high value, I can be successful even if other businesses are doing something similar.
  • The world is a place where there is enough for everyone;  enough customers and enough money to support lots of businesses.  

If the owners of McDonald’s had a lack mindset, they would have closed up shop and gone home the first time a Burger King went in on the opposite corner.   Instead, just think how many burger joints there are. Ever wonder why they are often across the street from each other?  Because they draw on each other’s ability to attract customers, then provide their own unique variation and value.

Managing YOUR Mindset 

So how do you handle someone else who has a similar business or idea?  Consider it research and development:

  • Learn from what works and doesn’t work 
  • Take the time to evaluate what you have learned.  Are you moving too slowly in implementing your business plan?  Are there mistakes that you need to correct?  
  • Clarify what makes your business unique.  What do you offer that others don’t or can’t?
  • Nail down your ideal client in detail
  • Move ahead–taking imperfect action in the business you envision
  • Review your results and put what you have learned into action

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