Intention and Reflection for the Classroom

boy winning award

Intention and Reflection for the Classroom What was the most memorable and significant year of school for you? The first year you attended school? The year you starred in the class play? The year you won an award? The year you graduated? Research has shown that an important part of learning in any environment is reflecting on our…

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6 negative thinking patterns

And how to turn them around Are you second guessing yourself? Is there something that you should move forward on but… you are holding back on taking the necessary steps. waiting for perfection waiting to feel more confident and certain or just plain avoiding it because it feels so uncomfortable? But it’s still there isn’t? …

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children who feel entitled

Girls are having fun

Say this… not that Ever wonder how we could wind up with a whole generation of kids who feel entitled? Entitled to good grades without having to work and study for them. Entitled to a spot on the team or in the organization without having to practice and prove themselves. Entitled to success without having to…

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Feeling Scared? Good!

Is Your Passion Greater than Your Fear? One of the most common emotions that I work with clients on is fear.  Fear can be paralyzing.  Fear can hold you back from realizing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.   Fear can be a good thing. Whaaaaat? What if it is possible that fear can influence us,…

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Are you sabotaging your goals?

Mindset Matters Do you have a dream or a goal and then struggle to make it happen? Do you blame it on resistance? Frustration? Uncertainty? Lack of willpower? Maybe you want to lose weight but every time you start making progress you reward yourself with…  chocolate cake? Maybe you have a dream of developing your…

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How to survive difficulty

How to Survive Difficulty  There was a point in time about eight years ago when my family relationships felt as though they had fallen apart. It was one of the most depressing and low points in my life. Both my children had not only moved out but were also very involved in creating new lives…

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