One Word and Vision Boards

vision board

How to use vision boards to set and achieve goals For the last several years, I have chosen a word in January to give me focus for the year. Then using the word as a theme, I create a vision board to provide focus for the year. Mid year is always a good time to…

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How to cope with challenging choices

woman thinking

Challenging Choices A funny thing happened at a party that I recently attended. The invitation included instructions to back into the driveway in order to create enough space for all the cars.  I rode to the party with a friend and on the way we discussed the “back in” issue.  Neither of us had ever…

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Are you living in Camp Abundance or Camp Scarcity?

Create an Abundant Mindset I recently heard from a client who was totally stressed out by the possibility of another business owner moving in on her idea and ultimately her territory.  Worried that a colleague had taken her unique business idea, made it her own and was ready to launch her own business, my client was…

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3 Steps to a Memorable Presentation

memorable presentation

Creating a Memorable Presentation Do you have a presentation or a workshop in your future? Are you agonizing over what to present and how to package it in the most meaningful way? Are you wondering how to connect with your audience so they will remember what you shared? Attending a conference is a great way to…

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3 Secrets to Living Your Passion

Live Your Passion What if every day you were living your purpose and following your calling in life? What if you lived in the present tense rather than holding out for the future?  Ever wonder what would that look like? The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s…

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Six reasons to create an exit plan from your job

Exit Plans are Essential Even if you think you never want to leave Even if you love your job Especially if the time to go was… last year. Because life changes–you need a Plan B, even when: You think you have the most stable job in the world.  After all isn’t technology here to stay?…

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