Growing Strong: Four Characteristics of Resilient Children

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It is a rare individual who does not encounter  disappointments and difficulties during their childhood years. As counselors, we have the privilege of nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and helping them develop courage and resilience in order to handle these difficulties. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, overcome obstacles, and adapt positively to life’s…

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Who do you want to be? .

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Helping children find their voice Helping children find their voice and determine who they are at their core has been a task for all generations.  Over the years we have certainly approached it in many different ways. There have been generations that  focused less on who you wanted to be as an adult and more…

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The secret formula to help kids develop self-confidence

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Developing resilient children  A key component to develop resilient children is recognizing that every child already has the necessary ingredients for resilience within. As educators and parents we don’t have to instill it in them. We just have to provide an environment where it is nurtured and can grow. In her book, Thrivers: The Surprising…

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One simple step toward building confidence

Need more confidence? Maybe you’ve said: I believe I have the ability… but I just don’t have the confidence I need to make the change. I’ve accomplished a lot but if I were more confident, I could really make a difference. Don’t worry, I totally get it.  I’ve struggled with feeling confident my whole life. …

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Five Steps to Self-confidence

How to Develop Self Confidence Here’s a little quiz for you: When you think about taking the dream that you have and turning it into a reality:  Do you worry that you aren’t talented enough to pull it off? Do you wrestle with uncertainty? Are you afraid for no reason? You have a new job…

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Got a question?

Here’s how to ask it to maximize your results In a previous post, I revealed the secret to getting what you want in life… Spoiler alert: simply ask for it. If asking for what you want is so easy, why don’t more people do it? How hard can it be to ask a question? Turns…

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