Kids accepting limitations

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Accepting limitations Every one has some sort of limitation in life.  For some this may be an actual physical disability, for others it is more subtle.  Some children have difficulty with math, or reading or social skills.  It is a rare child who excels in every area. Often as adults in children’s lives we either try…

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Doubt Busters for kids

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Doubt busters for kids I can’t I’m a loser Everyone else does it better I’m afraid I might fail I’m afraid I might succeed Do you know a kid who is riddled with doubt?  Do you find that no matter how much you praise him, he still lacks self-confidence?  Is it frustrating to see her…

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Developing self-esteem in kids


Kids and Self Esteem Back in my early counseling days we called it developing self-esteem in children. While developing self-esteem is certainly important, turns out we might have gone about it the wrong way. We told kids that they were special… everyone is.  We told them they were smart–geniuses really and so talented.  We told…

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Come as you are…because you are enough

What if it is possible you are enough, just as you are? Do you… ~feel like an impostor? ~worry that if others really knew you, they wouldn’t like you? ~have impossibly high standards for yourself and others? ~work hard to fit in and measure-up? What if it were possible… ~to let it all go? ~to…

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