The one question you should ask…

A Key Question

Are you at a cross-roads and wondering what direction to take?

Are you faced with a difficult decision that will determine your future, your life story?

Are you in a rut and need to make some changes… maybe some dramatic ones?

According to business coach, Dan Sullivan, there is one key question that you can ask that will help you determine and accomplish your goal.  Here it is:

 If we were to sit down together three years from now, what would have to be in place for you to feel happy and productive about where you are in life?

You can answer this question about any aspect of your life, but lets limit it to your work.  When I work with clients, I also like to downsize the time frame to make it more manageable, so lets think about where you would like to be with your business or career in one year.  

Questions Create Clarity

Here are some additional questions to make it even more specific:

  • What work would you be doing?  Be descriptive.
  • Describe who you would be working with.  Describe the ideal client or person that you would best be able to serve.
  • Describe the meaning or message of the work that you would be doing.
  • Describe what gifts or abilities you bring to the work
  • Describe the challenges that you might have.
  • Describe the environment that you would be working in.
  • Describe the impact your work would have on the world around you.
  • How much money would you be making?
  • What team members would you need to assist you?
  • Describe a typical day in your work.

The Final Steps

Now the next step:  Working backward from the career or business that you just envisioned, begin to list the steps that you would need to take to arrive at the ideal career in one year.  Again be specific.  

Now, begin to categorize the steps into a logical order.  What will you do first?  What can wait until later? Create a monthly plan. Give each step a date to begin and a deadline to finish. 

Finally, have some fun with the process.  Set an intention and write it on a large poster board.  Create a vision board around the intention with lots of pictures and words that describe where you want to be in one year.  

It’s up to you…

Where would you like to be in one year?

What intention will you set?

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Let’s start making a new future together.

Kim Yarborough

GO FOR IT!  Dream Achiever Coaching has helped me give voice to my long-term dreams and begin to take the necessary steps to finally make them a reality.  Lynne is very encouraging, and helps me see things in ways I may not have otherwise seen. Working with Lynne has given me a new confidence that I CAN achieve my dreams!

Kim Yarborough, Certified Etiquette Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

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