Got a vision for your future?

Three steps to creating work you can love

“I’ve drawn a line in the sand.  I’m quitting this job at the end of the year, come hell or high water.”

“This is absolutely the last time I’m working a holiday season.”  

“I can’t take the stress any more.  I’m retiring at the end of the school year.”

Have you heard or said any of these things?  I’ve heard all of them from clients, friends and acquaintances.  What do they all have in common?  They are all about leaving something behind (and that can be a good thing) but none of them are about moving toward something.  

Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

I recently received a referral for a client who was letting all her friends know that she was definitely quitting her job at the end of the month and was looking for direction and prayers for the future.  While I applaud anyone for being decisive and moving on from a situation that has become stagnant, stressful or even unbearable, I also advise clients to use some of that new found determination to plan and create an action plan around what comes next.  Making a decision to leave something behind is great. Hitching that decision to a plan for the future is even better. Otherwise, you may just fall into something else equally challenging and frustrating in order to make a paycheck.

Brain research has shown that we are naturally wired to focus on the negative.  Rick Hanson in his book, Hardwiring for Happiness  explains that our brains are like Velcro for negative and Teflon for positive. When we are focused on what we want to leave behind, we are focused on the negative. To be successful though, we need to also envision what we want for our future.  Here’s how:

  • Set aside some time to clarify what you want for yourself.  Ask yourself:
    • What are my skills and talents?  What are my interests and dreams?
    • What are my core values? How do they relate to the work that I want to do?
    • What is my personality style?  How does it play into the kind of work that I envision?
    • What do I prefer in terms of an environment to work in?   
    • Do I prefer to be my own boss or to let someone else run the show?  
  • Create a description or visual of what you envision for your future. This could be a vision board or a specific job description that identifies what is important to you.  Make it the ideal situation and set your standards high.

Most of us have a vague idea of what we ideally want in our lives but those thoughts remain fleeting and unattainable because we don’t take the time to gain clarity, create a vision and an action plan.  Take the time to turn dreams into reality by creating a vision and a plan for the future, instead of just a plan for leaving behind the past.

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  1. Vicky Bates on January 23, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Great article Lynne! It certainly makes a difference in first knowing your “SELF” before jumping in to any work environment. Lynne you are a great speaker! Our ABA Women’s Luncheon group appreciated you sharing with us to jump start the new year 2019!

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