One Question to Ask When You Are Unsure What to Do

One Question to Ask Yourself We all have moments in our lives, in our careers and in our relationships when we are faced with tough decisions. We may be wondering if we should change a major direction in our own life. We may have a client that needs exceptional counsel or advice. We may wonder…

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The anxious child and an antidote to stress

boy questioning

An Antidote to Being Stressed  Out Kids who are too anxious to go to school. Kids who worry that they will get sick. Kids who anticipate that something bad will happen to them. Kids who feel like they never measure up. We all experience stress in its many forms. Sonia Lupien at the Centre for Studies…

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Kids and tough friendship decisions

3 happy boys

Friendship Decisions and Self-Worth As a school counselor for twenty years, one of the most common problems that I talked to kids about was friendship. What do you do when a friend wants to do something that is unkind, thoughtless, or involves breaking the rules? What do you do when a friend is bossy, self-centered…

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Five steps to overcoming FOBO

Are you a victim of FOBO: Fear of a better option?   Here are the signs: You never get around to taking a vacation because you can’t make a decision.  There are so many choices and you don’t want to miss out on somewhere spectacular because you already committed to somewhere else. You stay in a job…

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6 negative thinking patterns

And how to turn them around Are you second guessing yourself? Is there something that you should move forward on but… you are holding back on taking the necessary steps. waiting for perfection waiting to feel more confident and certain or just plain avoiding it because it feels so uncomfortable? But it’s still there isn’t? …

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Are you procrastinating?

Can’t seem to find the motivation you need? You know what you need to do but… You’ve promised yourself that today will be different, but well… you held yourself back again. You are beginning to wonder if you should just trash the idea altogether.  After all you are stressing yourself out over not doing it…

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