Ready to give up?

Discouraged and Ready to Give Up?

Feel like you’ve been working like a maniac on your business or your career… with few results?

Wonder what you need to do to get the clients or the job that you want?

Checking your messages every few minutes to see if you got the response you hope for?

Thinking about giving up?

It’s easy to get discouraged when you are starting up a business or creating change in your career.  The learning curve is steep and the results don’t always match your efforts.

Bet it’s not you though that’s the problem…it’s the type of action you are taking

Passive Action

Most of us take a lot of passive action in start-up–which is fine because that is what we need.  You know; attending workshops, reading books and blogs, listening to podcasts. Or maybe it’s thinking, dreaming, planning and re-working the plan.  But it’s important not to get stuck there.  Because taking passive action can feel like you are really doing something when you are really just consuming something. It can become a comfortable place to camp out.

Bet you know someone who is a professional student right? That’s someone who is an expert at taking passive action.

Massive Action

Massive action on the other hand involves determining the result you want and then taking the action you need to get there for as long as it takes to get the result you want.

Starting a business or making a big career change is a lot like taking a trip.  If you turned around and went home every time you got stopped at a stop light then you’d never get to your destination.  But since you made the commitment to take the trip and actually arrive at your destination, you don’t give up every time you get stopped.  You just figure it is part of the journey and keep going.

How many times have you taken action and been disappointed with not getting the result you want?

What was your next step?

If “give up” was your answer then you don’t know what it means to take massive action.

What if instead of giving up, you anticipated those obstacles?

What if your next step was increasing your efforts?

How many action steps did you take this week? Could you double that effort next week?

That is massive action.

Make a commitment for 30 days.  Then take massive action to reach your goal.

Let me know how it works.

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