Is it the right time to make a career change?

The Right Time to Make a Career Change?

Are you thinking about making a career change?

Do you wonder if now is the time?

I’ve written before about creating an exit plan and turning your day job in to a dream job. Maybe right now your job or career has come to a screeching halt because of Covid-19. If you were thinking about leaving your job anyway, the environment now could be the perfect time. Worried that the economy is too unstable to support you making the change? It’s impossible to say for sure, but certainly many successful companies have been created in the midst of turbulent times.  

Here’s a really critical question… are you ready to make the change?  

Because knowing it is time to make a change and being ready to make a change are two entirely different things. Every week, I talk with individuals who know it is time to make a change but who aren’t ready. So how can you tell if you are ready?

Three signs you are ready to make a career change

  • You are willing to take action. Action means different things depending on your situation.  It might mean doing some research. It might mean expanding your perception and making a list of possibilities. It might mean scheduling a call or an appointment. It might mean showing up for a class. Action is doing and moving forward in a positive way. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you hand in your notice on the spot. Here’s what else it doesn’t mean:  waiting, hoping, wishing, rationalizing, making excuses, blaming. If you think you are stuck and unable to take action, ask yourself:  
    • Where is the opportunity in this dilemma?  
    • What possibilities and choices am I willing to follow up on? 
  • You are willing to take a calculated risk. Many people are more willing to stay in the false security of a bad job than to move forward into the possibility of a new but uncertain future one. It’s impossible to know for sure if leaving this job will result in your dream job, but it’s possible. It’s impossible to know for sure if the path you take will create the results you plan for, but its possible. No one needs to blindly and impulsively tell their boss to take this job and shove it while burning all bridges behind them. Ask yourself:
    • What if its possible to carefully research and plan my future career steps?
    • Am I willing to take a calculated risk that could result in success?
  • You are willing to invest in yourself. This might mean that you are willing to invest time in doing research, interviews and training.  It might mean that you invest money in taking classes or hiring a coach. New jobs and careers rarely fall from the sky into our waiting laps. To make that transition, you must be all in and that requires your time, your money and your attention. Ask yourself:
    • What amount of time am I willing to commit to creating/finding my dream job?
    • What amount of money am I willing to invest in creating/finding my dream job?
    • What do I need to do to remain focused on the goal?

It’s okay if you aren’t ready.  

Sometimes we know that it is a waiting game and at a different stage in our lives we will be ready. Sometimes certain events need to fall into place.  You will be eligible for retirement in a year.  Your child will graduate soon. A family member is ill and needs your attention.  You expect a positive change is coming to your work environment and want to give it a chance.  

Whatever the reason for your decision that you aren’t ready now, determine how you will know when you are ready and set a goal, make a plan. Once you make the decision and act on it, you will experience great relief and renewed energy. Being constantly on edge, all the while hoping and wishing, blaming and rationalizing keeps you stressed out. Instead create a plan for what you will do when the time is right and work your plan going forward.  

Are you ready to make a change?

Need some help going forward?

Let’s talk and make a plan:


I would highly recommend Lynne as a Life Coach for two reasons, especially if you are highly motivated. The first is because Lynne has actually lived what she is teaching you!! She is a product of her own approach to living your dream–and that’s what she so wants to help you do. The second is that she is so affirming and encouraging, she believes in you–so why not believe in yourself? ~Diane Calhoun


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