What is your calling?

woman with binoculars

Trying to figure out your calling? Do you feel like everyone else knows their calling, except you? Do you feel like you have been trying to figure it out for too long? Do you just want things to fall into place so you can move on? One of the things that I do in Dream…

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Need some Encouragement? When you feel overwhelmed, overworked and over-it, who do you turn to? When you feel you have failed yet again, who do you turn to? When you think your dreams will never materialize, who do you turn to? Is there an extreme encourager in your life? Extreme encouragers offer empathy and experience…

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Time for a new career?

Ready to Make a Career Change? Are you ready to make a change in your career? Maybe Covid-19 has dramatically changed your business and it is no longer viable-you need a change and fast. Maybe you have a dream career or business that you’ve been wanting to explore and now is the perfect storm to…

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how to create a business while working the J O B

woman on computer

Creating Your Own Business As a career and business coach, I often work with clients who are creating a business on the side while working a full-time job.  The goal of course, is to eventually leave the J O B and work full time in their own business.  Currently, because of Covid-19 and it’s affect…

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3 Tips for Transitioning to Your Dream Job

Dream Job Ready to make a change in your life? Want to create an exit plan from your job? Do you have a dream career or business that you’ve been wanting to explore? I was talking with a client about transitioning from her 30 year career in the education system to the next phase of…

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