Still Waiting?

What are you waiting for?

Do you have a dream?

Maybe it’s to make some extra income in your side job.

Maybe it’s to make enough income in your side job to actually leave your day job.

Maybe it’s to finally write that book or start that business that you’ve been thinking about for oh, just about a lifetime…

Are you making progress or are you making excuses? What’s keeping you stuck?

Let me take a guess–Could it be your mindset?

You’re waiting until you have more time–  What if I told you that you already have all the time you need.  What if you rearranged your priorities and cut out all those unnecessary things that you agreed to do…but now wonder why you are doing them?

You’re waiting until you have more money.  What if I told you that people have started businesses, reinvented their lives and accomplished success when they had no money?   What if it were possible that moving forward with your goal would actually be making you money, not costing you money?  What if you operated from a position of abundance instead of a position of scarcity?

You’re waiting until you feel more confident about what you want to do–What if I told you no one feels confident when they are moving into new territory?  Instead, you need to make a commitment-step into your dream and the confidence will follow not precede the action?

You’re waiting until the perfect time (when the economy improves, when the children are grown, whenever)- What if I told you that right now is the only shot you’ve got and there is no perfect time? Would that change things for you?  Would you stop the waiting game?

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