Five Ways to Create a Five Star Presentation

Even if you hate public speaking

Does the thought of public speaking set off waves of anxiety?

When you are asked to share information about your business or your ideas, does you mind go blank and your hands start to shake?

Are you avoiding speaking dates even though you know it is the best way to further your career?

Attending a conference or a networking event is a great way to increase your knowledge about a particular topic but presenting at a conference increases your knowledge exponentially while also building your network and showcasing your expertise.  I’ve attended dynamic, entertaining and informative presentations and I’ve sat through insanely boring and irrelevant presentations and while there is always room for growth, I try to imitate the former.

Here are my five tips for creating a memorable presentation:

  1. Change your focus from you to your audience. When you recognize that your goal is to help and serve others rather than promote yourself or create a certain image, you will find that your anxiety will be much less.
  2. Begin with a personal story to connect with your audience.  People come for the information but they really like to know you and why you chose to present on this particular topic.  Share.  Be real. Be vulnerable.  When I present on personality style, I share my own journey with learning to accept and finally celebrate being an introvert.
  3. Include a reference to a theme that you will carry through your presentation.  In my presentation on personality style, I share how important it is to recognize your strengths and celebrate who you are.  Celebrating your own unique personality style is the theme throughout the presentation.
  4. Use stories throughout to enhance the topic and make it real and memorable.  I like to share how understanding personality styles has made a difference for me in my relationships with my family and in my coaching practice.
  5. Create a way to follow-up with the audience and extend the presentation.  Audiences always like a give-away and I collect email addresses for a drawing  where I give away a book or something else related to the presentation. Then I email everyone the next day to thank them for attending and  to offer another free item that extends the lesson.

Do you have an event where I could share information on personality style, parenting, crucial conversations or leadership skills?  Email me at: and let’s talk!





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