Celebrate Your Child’s Unique Voice

What is Your Child’s Unique Voice?

What does it mean to be authentic or real?

Is being authentic something to be achieved or a continual practice?

Can you be who you really are and still show compassion to others who are different?

How do we teach children to recognize and  be their authentic selves?

Teaching children to be authentic ultimately translates into helping each individual recognize that they are enough just as they are.  This doesn’t of course mean that we aren’t all continually striving to learn more and become our best possible selves.  Instead it means that we come equipped with the capacity to to be uniquely and authentically  ourselves; that awesome, fantastic individual that we were born to be.

Understanding Personality Styles = Accepting Different Personality Styles

One way we are all unique is the personality style that makes up who we are.  A goal of understanding the four basic personality styles is to move from tolerating a personality style  in ourselves or others to accepting and ultimately celebrating that personality style. We are all a unique blend of  strengths and challenges.

In ourselves as well as in our children, we must first come to accept and celebrate those strengths rather than focusing on changing or eliminating those undesirable aspects. No one personality is better than another.  Each one can use it’s strengths to grow and develop.

Four Personalty Styles

There are four basic personality styles and here’s a short description of the characteristics of each one:

D: dominant, determined, doer, demanding

I: inspiring, influencing, interactive

S: stable, supportive, sweet, shy

C: cautious, competent, calculating, concerned

While we are all uniquely wired and more comfortable operating out of our own personality type, it is certainly possible to “visit” some of the other personality traits. In order to do this, we have to recognize the area of need and consciously make a choice to develop those traits.

Steps to Finding and Celebrating Your Child’s Unique Style

What does this mean for you and your child? What is the best way to encourage your child’s strengths while at the same time helping them deal with situations that challenge them?

  1. Recognize your child’s personality style,. Point out to them the strengths and positive attributes that you see every day.
  2. Teach children to recognize situations where they are challenged.  Teach them problem solving strategies so they see themselves as someone who faces obstacles with persistence and thoughtfulness.
  3. Celebrate the unique qualities that make up your child. The differences we all have is what makes our families special and unique.

Want to read more about personality styles?

Parenting with Heart: Understanding your Child’s Personality Style


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