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Celebrate Your Child’s Personality Style!

Group Of Children Playing In Park

Every personality style has strengths Why does he act like that? Why would she think like that? What’s wrong with her anyway? Have you ever said any of the above?  Don’t worry, we all have. One of the goals of understanding the four basic personality styles is to move from tolerating a personality style in…

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Parenting and the Word NO

Angry mother scolding a disobedient child

The importance of learning the word: no One of the most important words, we as parents can learn to say is “no”.  I realize that I’m starting this post off on a rather negative note, and it’s certainly not my style, but it’s a hard lesson to learn and I was reminded of it just…

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Creating Summertime Family Fun

happy little girl on beach

Personality Style Counts! Summer vacations are upon us! How do you plan your child’s activities for the summer? Is everyone off to camp or spending the day at the local pool? Are you visiting local parks or exploring a museum? The unstructured days of summer sound heavenly, but sometimes the end result falls short of the…

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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

Develop Leadership Skills In a favorite comic strip, a little boy tells his Dad, “You’ll never be as smart as me Dad.  Back when God built your brain…he was using older technology.”  Pretty clever, huh?  Probably hits home for many parents like me who rely on younger children to tweak their websites, blog posts and download all…

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children and generosity

smiling little girl with red heart

How do you encourage kids to be servant leaders? The upcoming holiday season is a great time to teach children about generosity and gratitude. Developing the trait of generosity is something that can be started early in small ways and then developed into bigger projects as the child grows. Taking into consideration the personality of the…

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Celebrate Your Child’s Unique Voice


What does it mean to be authentic or real? Is being authentic something to be achieved or a continual practice? Can you be who you really are and still show compassion to others who are different? How do we teach children to recognize and  be their authentic selves? Teaching children to be authentic ultimately translates into…

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