The Strong-Willed Child

mad boy

The Strong-Willed Child In a favorite comic strip, a little boy tells his Dad, “You’ll never be as smart as me Dad.  Back when God built your brain…he was using older technology.”  Pretty clever, huh?  Probably hits home for many adults who rely on younger children to tweak their websites, blog posts and download all…

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Celebrate Your Child’s Personality Style!

Group Of Children Playing In Park

Every personality style has strengths Why does he act like that? Why would she think like that? What’s wrong with her anyway? Have you ever said any of the above?  Don’t worry, we all have. One of the goals of understanding the four basic personality styles is to move from tolerating a personality style in…

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Personality Styles and Successful Relationships

Understanding Personality Can Be Key Sometimes soft skills are hard and understanding personality style can make the difference between success and failure in relationships. Here are some examples: You are a supervisor of a small department and one person in particular… drives you insane.  You just cannot understand how to communicate with her. Her attention…

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Celebrate Your Child’s Unique Voice


What is Your Child’s Unique Voice? What does it mean to be authentic or real? Is being authentic something to be achieved or a continual practice? Can you be who you really are and still show compassion to others who are different? How do we teach children to recognize and  be their authentic selves? Teaching children…

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Personality conflicts

Four Tips to Solve Personality Conflicts In a recent blog post, I mentioned how understanding personality style can improve relationships.  This is especially true if you are trying to relate to someone who has the opposite personality style to yours. Lets say that you are a D and you have to supervise someone who is…

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What’s your story?

And why it matters A favorite gift I once received is a lovely canvas designed by Kelly Rae Roberts. Her extraordinary work combines quotes and collage.  Even though I don’t know her, I feel we share something in common and her art pieces always speak to me.  The message on the one that I own is: Your beautifully, messy, complicated…

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