Why mindset matters

Mindset Matters

What you think about makes a difference. Change begins within and moves outward. You become who you think are.Visualize yourself as confident and you eventually become confident. Visualize yourself as a failure…unfortunately you will become a failure, however you define failure. This is isn’t just wishful thinking. There is research to back it up. Check out Amy Cuddy’s book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.

At the three month mark in my coaching program, I ask clients to reflect back on their accomplishments. Why?  There are several reasons:

  • I am results and goal oriented and I want to make sure that we are on track.
  • I want clients to see how far they have come and to celebrate the progress they have made.  
  • I want clients to give themselves credit for their hard work and their effort as well as focus on what is left to do.  

What do clients consistently report as the biggest accomplishment that they have made in the first three months?

Mindset.  Hands down.  

Changing mindset is key.  It is a necessary first step whether you are discovering a passion, transitioning to a new career, creating a new business or growing an existing one. Developing a growth mindset is key because we first have to envision the person we want to be before making changes to become that person. This involves identifying key characteristics as well as key actions to take. Once our mindset is aligned with the behaviors or strategies then the implementation is possible.  

Here’s what clients say has changed in 3 months:

  • changed a limiting mindset of playing small to a liberating mindset of playing big
  • see mistakes and failure as an opportunity to learn and grow rather rather than give up
  • recognize that confidence grows out of commitment to taking imperfect action rather than waiting for it to appear

The shift in mindset often comes as a surprise to clients.  Most clients get into coaching because they are want to see results.

  • They want to be more successful.
  • They want to make more money.
  • They want to work smarter not harder.
  • They want be more confident.

Notice how changing your mindset isn’t even on the list?

Changing limiting mindsets is the first step in the process. If we don’t learn how to think with a growth mindset and be successful then implementing all the strategies in the world won’t help because we won’t be ready to follow through with the necessary actions. In fact, we may find ourselves sabotaging our actions because our mindset isn’t yet onboard. 

Changing a limiting mindset means we get results because we move forward in our lives deliberately.

Ready to make a change?

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