How to overcome a slump

What if a slump is a detour sign instead of a dead end sign?

Are you in a slump? 

Can’t find the motivation?

Feel like everything you’ve done, just hasn’t had the desired result?

Sounds like you’ re in a slump.  Me too.

There are a lot of reasons for a slump. Sometimes it’s the season… spring and summer for me are always slower as training in schools ends and clients anticipate the freedom and lack of structure of the summer. 

Sometimes it’s a necessary personal break.  You’ve worked hard, really hard, and you simply can’t maintain the same pace day in and day out. 

Sometimes it’s a sign that what you’ve been doing needs to be examined and overhauled totally.  You’ve fallen into a routine that was effective at one time but now is outdated.  You need to determine what to keep and what to change for the better. 

A slump isn’t a bad thing, but it is something that you need to pay attention to. If we want to change our outcome and ultimately get out of a slump, then we need to revert to the cause of it all: the systems we currently have in place. The systems that you created, either consciously or unconsciously, result in specific behaviors.  Those behaviors or routines quickly become habits that drive outcomes.  Here are some choices to consider:

Do we scrap the system altogether? Sometimes this is the case but don’t jump too quickly to this conclusion.  There may be important steps and pieces that you want to salvage.  On the other hand, maybe what you are doing is outdated.  If so, it’s time to scrape it and start anew.

Do we reconfigure the system but keep the basics?  Recognize the value of what you have been doing in the past. Perhaps it is a lesson learned.  Perhaps it has resulted in important connections and networking. In recognizing the value, you are setting yourself up to create the improved system going forward.

Is the system itself solid but missing an important step?  Maybe you need to offer a slightly different product.  Maybe your follow-up needs to be more consistent.  Maybe you are on the wrong platform to reach your ideal client. Maybe you haven’t spent enough time identifying your ideal client. 

Is it a matter of getting yourself energized and reconnected with your why? Set interim goals. Publicly recommit to the process and find an accountability partner to hold you to it.  Finally, picture the person your work is designed to help and determine to find that person each day who needs your services.     

Make a slump work for you instead of against you.  


Techniques for overcoming overwhelm from Lynne Watts on Vimeo.


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