Feeling letdown?

Had a recent letdown?

Felt like everything was going your way…then BAM! you are blindsided by 

~a rejection

~a run in with your manager at work

~a sarcastic remark from a friend

~a relative that withdraws their support.

It happens to all of us.  Some days just suck.  But you can count on it happening when you are making big changes in your life;  starting a new job or business on the side, instituting a a new procedure at work, venturing into new territory to promote your product, heck even deciding that your product is worth promoting.  

Here’s why…

Have you ever had a garden?  (Bear with me here-I know where I’m going). If you have, then you have probably planted some seeds. Think back to what happened when those seeds started growing.  They started pushing a tender green shoot up through the soil and the first thing that got pushed up was… dirt.  Right?  And that’s what happens when you start changing and growing.  There’s going to be some dirt coming up. You can count on it. Because where there is change there is always some resistance.  Sometimes things get a bit worse before they get better. 

Resistance and what to do about it

Sometimes we are our own resistance. We have doubts. We sabotage our own efforts. We give up and withdraw.  

Sometimes our environment provides the resistance. Our boss gives us more work than we could finish in a lifetime. Our best friend withdraws their support. Our spouse starts expressing doubts that we will ever generate any income with our new career.  

So if resistance is a given… what do you do about it?  

Here’s what not to do with it;  allow it to drain your spirit, give up your dream or pretend like it didn’t happen. Instead use the resistance to motivate you forward. Consider it research and development. It is an obstacle to go around, over or through. It is designed to make you stronger, to point out flaws in your plan that need to be corrected or to give you a different perspective. How many times have you had something bad happen that you thought was the end of the world, only to decide looking back a year or more later that it was really a wonderful design to get you right where you wanted or needed to be?

So start now and begin re-framing that problem, that obstacle or resistance into the opportunity that it is.  Begin to see it as the best thing that could happen to make your dream come true.  Who is that person that you want to be?  How will this shape you to become more of that person today? Recognize that you have to push through that dirt to grow.

I am the greatest.  I said that even before I knew I was.  ~Muhammad Ali

Muhammah Ali had it right.  You are the greatest but you must say it even before you know it to be true.  

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