Feel like giving up?

What to do when life gets in the way

I had good intentions but…

I lost my focus and my emotions took over…

There was no time to follow through…

I feel like giving up…

What do you do when you have a vision, set an intention, make a goal…

and then stuff happens? You know what I mean: 

You get sick or injured.

Your  closest friend has a crisis.

Your job or your boss stresses you out…worse than usual?

A pandemic happens?

The possibilities for  obstacles that can block that straight clear path you envisioned are endless.  Luckily there are also endless possibilities for surviving and even thriving in the midst of challenges.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Take the drama out of the situation–Sure you can allow yourself a few moments of hysteria if you feel the situation deserves it. Find the perfect environment for crying, yelling and stomping your feet if you need to (obviously you shouldn’t do this in your work cubicle unless losing your job was part of your intention)  and then let it go.  No matter what the situation is, holding on to those feelings isn’t going to serve you in the long run.  Keep in mind that it is your mind that creates your emotions  and you can develop a new mental message to change your feelings when you are ready. The good news is that you get to chose your emotional response no matter what the situation is.  
  • Ask yourself, “Who do I need to be to handle this situation most effectively and in the best manner possible?” Imagine that person: Maybe you recognize that this is a pattern with your friend and it’s time to move on.  Maybe you realize that your expectations of your co-workers are your values, not theirs. Maybe you determine a way to not only heal this injury but live in a way that you don’t repeat the problem. Maybe you realize that the pandemic has forced you to make some choices that you were putting off but that needed to be made. I don’t know what it means in your particular situation but I do know that obstacles don’t mean you have to give up.  In fact, sometimes they mean that you learn something new and how to be an even better person than before.  Reflect. Resolve. Renew. Then be that person.
  • Create a Plan B–Whenever I coach clients on goal setting we determine the goal, create an action plan and finish by anticipating what could go wrong along with some strategies for how to deal with it. Why? Because life is like that. There is always the possibility of obstacles and challenges that will frustrate our progress.  I definitely believe in setting a positive vision and holding the space for it. That is what a vision board is for. But if we know ahead of time how we will handle the possibility of failure then we are prepared with a game plan.

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