Five signs its time to make a change…

Decisions are hard and you’ve been trying to determine if its time. Here are some signs:

  1. You’ve been waiting for things to get better…for a very long time.  Whether you are overwhelmed with the mounting workload on your job or hoping (and praying) that your boss will start giving you the recognition you deserve, your focus is on the wrong thing.  Things don’t change because we hope and pray they will, things change because we become a change agent and take charge of the situation.  Make sure that you’ve done your part to facilitate the change you want to see in your world.
  2. You’re miserable but secure–You’re fooling yourself on this one.  How many people do you know that have been laid off from safe jobs? How many concessions have you made because…well at least you have benefits?  a steady paycheck?  I’m not a fan of ditching it all, just a fan of being realistic.  If you are miserable it’s a sign to explore your options.  I believe in making changes before changes happen to you.
  3. You’re bored  to death…but think it’s better than being stressed out (because you’ve been there too). I hate to tell you that boredom and a lack of stimulation can be as stressful as a job where you are overwhelmed with pressure and responsibilities. If you aren’t excited about growing, changing, learning and developing new skills then you and your brain are dying…
  4. You’re hanging on until you get everything finished–perfectly of course.  Most jobs don’t have a finish line.  Finish one article and begin another. Teach one semester and prepare for the next. Complete the monthly report and start collecting data for the next one. Sell two widgets and contact more prospects. Recognize that waiting for the perfect time to make a change is an illusion that only exists in your mind.
  5. Your life is out of balance–You work all the time.  In fact, you’ve forgotten what it means to have a fun afternoon or weekend. You’re always thinking about work even when you aren’t actually there. You take your work home with you and do it in your spare time…okay, so you really don’t have spare time because you’re always working if not physically, at least mentally.

The ABC’s of change

Making a change is hard. Even when it is a change for the better.  It’s easy to generate worry and anxiety about the future.  Here are a few quick tips to deal with the fear:

  1. Recognize that feelings of uncertainty and anxiety are normal.  They are a sign that you are moving forward into a new experience.  They are not a sign to stay put.
  2. Create a plan. Do some research. Make a budget. Create an action plan. Put some structure around your move forward.
  3. Get some support. Whether you find a mentor, a coach or a supportive BFF, going it alone is…well, lonely and often results in failure. Find someone you trust and get regular feedback to keep you grounded.

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I would highly recommend Lynne as a Life Coach for two reasons, especially if you are highly motivated. The first is because Lynne has actually lived what she is teaching you!! She is a product of her own approach to living your dream–and that’s what she so wants to help you do. The second is that she is so affirming and encouraging, she believes in you–so why not believe in yourself??  Diane Calhoun

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