5 Ways to help children develop GRIT

kids on playground

Prepare the child for the path; not the path for the child.  (author unknown) Our current environment where many parents are sheltering at home with their families and working remotely at the same time is a stressful time for all. One of the unseen benefits however, may be the many lessons children learn about the…

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How to Mentally Weather the Current Crisis

How to Mentally Weather the Current Crisis Are you finding yourself overwhelmed and stressed out over the current Covid-19 situation? Are your worries making it hard to do your work whether at home or still in the workplace? Are you anticipating the worst possible outcome for you, your work or your family? A few years…

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What to do while you wait

Waiting for the World to Get Back to Normal? Thanks to COVID-19 many of us are now stuck at home, worried and nervous about the future. At first, there is perhaps a sense of relief about not stressing over screening each new customer or making a decision about how best to stay germ free in…

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Having a confidence breakdown?

woman with hat

Low confidence a problem? “Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.”   Ever had your Inner Critic take control? Maybe your inner voice said something like… Who do you think you are to imagine you could..? Everyone else does it better than you. Everyone else is more successful than you. Maybe it’s time to…

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