Are you accidentally sabotaging your dream?

Maybe your mindset is the problem… Are you waiting for your knight in shining armor? Do you have a project, a mission really, but can’t seem to get started? Do you have a dream business that you are waiting to begin, when you have more time and money? Are you waiting for a sign that you need…

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The Secret to Success

The Secret Sauce for Success Why do some people achieve their goals while others, weeks, months, even years later, are still wishing and hoping for success? When I think about what separates successful entrepreneurs and clients from those who are unsuccessful it is usually one thing. But-it’s probably not what you think… It’s not experience. It’s…

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how to teach kids not to give up

Male Student Working At Desk In Chinese School Classroom

Use Brain Science to Teach Kids Not to Give Up Brain science has dramatically changed how we think about the brain.  While much of the research has been applied to helping children learn better in an academic setting, growth mindset research has also taught us how to help children develop high self-esteem while at the…

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getting started

Most of us are always starting something: a new job a new diet a new relationship a new project a new adventure How do you start well?  How do you begin so that you avoid past mistakes?  How do you ensure the best possible chance of success?  Are there any strategies that work? It turns…

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Intention and Reflection for the Classroom

boy winning award

Intention and Reflection for the Classroom What was the most memorable and significant year of school for you? The first year you attended school? The year you starred in the class play? The year you won an award? The year you graduated? Research has shown that an important part of learning in any environment is reflecting on our…

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The secret to successful goal setting

What to do if setting goals isn’t working I have a quick little test for you. (Don’t you just love pop quizzes?) When I think about my goals for this year, I am… A. taking a nap and thinking about it later. Goals stress me out. B. A planner. I’m evaluating the year so far,…

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