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Are you accidentally sabotaging your dream?

Maybe your mindset is the problem…

Are you waiting for your knight in shining armor?

Do you have a project, a mission really, but can’t seem to get started?

Do you have a dream business that you are waiting to begin, when you have more time and money?

Are you waiting for a sign that you need to leave your job and start a new chapter in your life?

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting too. I used to believe that if I waited long enough, something would eventually happen that would clarify what I should do to turn the dream of writing and publishing a book into a reality. I thought the stars needed to align, my family needed to be happy and successful, my life peaceful and harmonious. Once all of that was in place, I expected someone to walk into my life and perhaps announce, “Any one here interested in writing?  Maybe you’d like to publish a book someday?  Well, follow me!”

Would it surprise you to know that never happened?

Here’s the thinking that kept me stuck:

When I……. then I will….  

Here’s some examples of things that clients tell me:

When I have the confidence I need, then I will take a writing class.

When I have written something really good, then I will call myself a writer.

When I have sold enough books,  then I will feel like a success.

Do you see the problem with this type of thinking?

It sets us up to be forever waiting and never taking action.  It creates a cause and effect situation that doesn’t really exist anywhere but in our minds.  If I waited for the  confidence I needed to take action…well I’d still be waiting.

I finally figured out that waiting wasn’t working.

Does this happen to you?  Do you say…

When I have enough time, then I will start that business, write that book, travel to my dream destination.

When I lose some weight then I will start exercising.

When I get over being so anxious and afraid, then I will attend a networking meeting.

When I meet my knight in shining armor, then I will be happy?

In order to create the life of your dreams, you have to stop waiting and start taking action.  It may be imperfect action, like doing something before you have the confidence to do it, but take action anyway. It doesn’t have to be a big step.  It can be a tiny step.  But you must quiet the inner critic and begin.  Turn the equation around and take charge of your life:  

I choose to attend a networking meeting even though I am nervous.

I choose to start my dream business even though I have a lot of demands on my time.

I choose to start exercising even though I haven’t lost all the weight I want.

I choose to be happy now, even though I haven’t yet met my knight.

Take a look at the thinking that is holding you back.

Are you accidentally sabotaging your dreams because you are waiting?

Are you preventing yourself from taking action because you are waiting?

What if you stopped waiting and took action instead? What would that look like?

Ready to stop waiting and take action in your life?

Let’s talk

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  1. […] Develop a schedule– To move from your current job to your dream job, you must create a time frame with a deadline. Too many people that I talk with have a dream that never goes anywhere. Others dive into the research and become experts on their dream job, but never take the necessary action to actually move out of their current situation. Begin with the deadline and work backwards to determine what you need to do to create the career of your dreams. Set milestones that need to be completed leading up to your deadline. Identify the time frame on a weekly basis where you will work on your future career. It does not need to be a huge block of time! Many people have moved into a new career simply by setting aside a few hours a week. The key is consistency-follow through is critical. And making sure that you use the time to take action on your designated milestones.  […]

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