5 simple fun steps to teach goal setting for 2022

Kids and Vision Boards

If there is one activity that is always a hit with kids, it’s creating a vision board. It’s fun, simple and creative. I’ve used vision boards as a way to create focus for kids around different topics such as goal setting or determining an intention for the new year ahead. Here’s how:

Use a vision board as a focus for goal setting

  • Have students write down their goal:
    • It could be a goal for a sport:  Place first or second in breaststroke for my swim team.
    • It could be an academic goal:  Make an A in reading.
    • It could be a relationship goal: Get along better with my sister.
  • Have students create a vision: Students can close their eyes and imagine accomplishing their goal.  What would it look like?  How would they feel? What would they be doing? How would their senses come into play (what would they touch, see, taste, smell?).
  • Have students  find a way to represent the vision: Students may cut out images and words or phrases from magazines that represent them accomplishing their goal. Alternatively, they may draw pictures or write words or phrases. If they have access to a computer and printer, they may find images to print.
  • Have students make their vision concrete:  Once they have accumulated enough images, they can glue the images on a piece of poster board.  Using markers or other creative tools, they can decorate their board so it is eye catching and memorable.
  • Have students share their boards with the class:  Research shows that goals that are shared are more likely to be accomplished. Have students identify how they will use the boards as inspiration and motivation for accomplishing their goal.

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