Forget about goals, do this instead

Forget about goals, do this instead

If you set goals for this year, there’s a good chance that they will will fall into one of these categories: health, finances, relationships or job/business.  How do I know?  Aside from the fact that I spend a lot of time talking with people about their goals, here are the top searches on Google for New Year Goals:

  1. “Get Healthy” – over 62 million searches
  2. “Get Organized” – over 33 million searches
  3. “Live Life to the Fullest” – nearly 19 million searches
  4. “Learn New Hobbies” – over 17 million searches
  5. “Spend Less/Save More” – nearly 16 million searches
  6. “Travel” – nearly 6 million searches
  7. “Read More” – over 4 million searches

I can also predict that none of the above topics are going to turn into successful goals, at least not the way they are worded now.  I’m not trying to discourage you, but if your goal is to get healthy, save more money or read more, you are setting yourself up for failure right out of the starting gate. Why? Because those goals aren’t SMART goals.  Before you take give up, let me share with you what is a SMART goal;

Exercise at least 30 minutes four days a week.

Read one fiction and one non-fiction book a month.  

Create a a budget and save at least $100 a month.  

See what I mean?  Those google searches are more of a wish list than a Smart goal.  SMART goals are:





T-time based

When I work with clients around their goals we always look at how we can make them SMARTER because the missing piece is that you have to establish new habits through an action plan.  Once you are following that action plan then you want to periodically:



James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, writes, “Forget about goals, focus on systems instead.” And he is right. Simply coming up with a goal, writing it down or even creating a vision board is not going to insure that you achieve the goal. Achieving your goal does take work but through establishing a system of habits and making small changes daily you can reap great rewards. Evaluate and review the plan to make sure it is getting the desired results. If you aren’t getting the results that you want then you need to change your plan, not give up on the goal.

Dream Achiever: Get ‘Er Done Goal Setting Workshop

  1. Shape Your Identity and Be Your Best Self
  2. Create Accountability Measures to Ensure Success
  3. Create a System of Atomic Habits

Date: Friday, January 29, 11-12:30

Dream Achiever: Clarify Your Message

  1. Determine Your Ideal Client
  2. Use a 7 Point Framework to Write Your Story
  3. Practice Sharing Your Message

Date: Friday, February 5, 11-12:30

Where: Zoom

Investment (dirt cheap): $35.00 per session 

Dream Achiever Sessions


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Lynne’s workshops are always interesting. Her topic is well researched and presented in a way that helps me understand and retain her message. ~Mindy Newman, LMT

This class really helped me to focus and make great changes in my life. ~Kay Rachelson, LCSW

It was a very good training to understand what we need to do from the very beginning on what each individual was looking for, how to get there.  Also, how and why we need to make change to get the results we want to achieve. ~Mary Braswell Williams



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