Three Ways to Be Mentally Strong

Your Mindset is Key

Doing something for the first time can be scary and unnerving whether it is starting a new venture, a new career or a new relationship. 

Guess what we don’t usually think much about?  Creating the right mindset for being successful.

It seems a little too woo-woo.

It seems too vague.

I mean what else do we need to do except think positive? Right?

Guess what usually brings us down in our new venture?  Mindset. Not that we recognize it.  Instead we blame the economy or our co-workers, our boss, another person or even ourselves for being inadequate and sabotaging our plan.  Behind it all though is the beliefs that we entertain about ourselves and our world.

The Secret Sauce for Success

Mindset is the secret sauce for success.  Not only does it have enormous power in our lives, it is also one thing that we can totally control.

What can we not change?  Many times we cannot change our circumstances.  Circumstances like being the oldest child in our family.  Or the age we are.  Or the type of upbringing we had.  

Some circumstances of course we can change.  We hate our job or our boss is overbearing and degrading.  We can leave our job.  We are in a relationship that is abusive or non-supportive.  We can leave the relationship.

While we can’t always change our circumstances, we can always change our thinking.  Our brains and how we use them are under our control and by default so are our feelings or emotions.  Our thoughts create our feelings which ultimately determine our actions. Pretty amazing how much control and power we have isn’t it?

Creating a Strong Mindset

There a several ways that we can develop a strong mindset which will ensure success in other areas. Here are three practices to stay mentally strong:

  1. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself— Feeling sorry for yourself is giving away your power.  You are arguing with reality and telling the universe that it should operate differently.  Instead consider the situation research and development.  Learn from the situation and begin anew more intelligently.
  2. Don’t fear taking calculated risks–Success involves change and growth.  Tiny seeds make big changes to become grown plants.  Caterpillars struggle to break out of a comfortable cocoon without knowing the beautiful future ahead.  Without change and the risk of failure there is is no success.
  3. Don’t resent other’s success–When we compare ourselves to others and resent their success we are operating from a scarcity mindset.  We are in essence saying, “They got a raise and a new position and now there is less available for me.”  Don’t make other’s success about you.  Instead celebrate their gain and know that there is enough available in the world for you to be successful as well.

Whatever your challenge, your future goals, make sure that you give as much attention to the mindset that you have going forward.  Strategy and planning is important but recognizing the power of our beliefs about ourselves can make or break the deal.

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