There’s no Age Limit to Dreaming

Remember the why behind your dream

Achieving dreams knows no age limitations.  In fact, sometimes it is in our later years that we really hit our stride and begin accomplishing our heart felt goals.

Meet Rae Mohrmann-


Marathon runner.

Set a goal of running a marathon in all fifty states, when she was 52 years old.

Accomplished it… at age 62.

Ran her 100th marathon April 12th in 2015.

Her next goal? Run a marathon with three generations, her son and grandson.

What is your dream?  

Maybe its not running a marathon but I bet it’s something. Learn to paint? Write a book?  Develop your own business? Create an organization to help your favorite charity?

Think it’s impossible?  You’re too old?  too young?  Don’t have the resources? Missed your window of opportunity? Rae started running at age 30. She was a full time teacher and a single parent when she started out running around her apartment building.  She eventually expanded her running program but she didn’t run her first marathon until age 49. When someone pointed out to her that she would be almost 80 by the time she could meet her goal of running with three generations of her family, guess what she replied?  “Well, I’m going to be almost 80 anyway, so why not?”

Here’s the motto on her refrigerator:  Things turn out the best for those who make the best of how things turn out.  Don’t you just love that?

I’m dedicated to making sure things turn out the best for you. Let’s work together and make your dreams come true. I’m holding that space for you to step into your mission.

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