Growing Strong: Four Characteristics of Resilient Children

excited kids

It is a rare individual who does not encounter  disappointments and difficulties during their childhood years. As counselors, we have the privilege of nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and helping them develop courage and resilience in order to handle these difficulties. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, overcome obstacles, and adapt positively to life’s…

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The Secret to Success

The Secret Sauce for Success Why do some people achieve their goals while others, weeks, months, even years later, are still wishing and hoping for success? When I think about what separates successful entrepreneurs and clients from those who are unsuccessful it is usually one thing. But-it’s probably not what you think… It’s not experience. It’s…

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Kids accepting limitations

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Accepting limitations Every one has some sort of limitation in life.  For some this may be an actual physical disability, for others it is more subtle.  Some children have difficulty with math, or reading or social skills.  It is a rare child who excels in every area. Often as adults in children’s lives we either try…

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Have you failed lately?

What if the key to success is massive failure? Failure is an experience that we all avoid isn’t it? Whether you are starting a new business or a new career… Whether you are answering phones or making cold calls… Our goal is to always be successful…right? Failure on the other hand is something we have…

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fear of failure or fear of success?

Are you afraid of failure… or success? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you deliberately chose to take a path in life where you knew there was a good chance you would fail? Would you steer clear of the challenge?  say bring it on?  start strong and then give…

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What if failure is really a gift?

frustrated girl

A student in PE is playing a game and misses the ball. She stomps off the field, tears in her eyes. While doing an assignment, a student can’t figure out the answer to a math problem. He crumples up his entire paper in frustration and slams the book closed.  Not a chance of re-directing or…

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