Are you ready for career change?

Making a Career Change

In a previous post, I wrote about how to recognize when you are Ready to Make a Career Change, which raises the question… Should you ever say yes to a career change when you don’t feel you are ready?  This is a tough question and one that I often help clients dissect and answer with confidence.  It is a rare client who steps confidently into changing careers.  Most of us have lots of yes, buts and what ifs that are casting doubts on all of our future hopes and dreams.

First of all lets rephrase the question and translate it into three questions that cut to the heart of the matter:

  • What is keeping you from feeling ready now?  If you are holding off from a career change because in a year you will finish a degree or have a child graduated from college and on their own or a similar circumstance that has a time limit on it, then set your goal and begin creating the necessary steps to become ready.  On the other hand if you don’t feel ready because of something much less concrete, a lack of confidence, or a lack of training or experience, then ask yourself if changing careers might just provide the training or confidence boost that you need. What if training and experience is best accomplished in the arena of the new job?
  • What will need to change to ensure that you feel ready?  Make sure that you have a concrete time line in place and don’t rely just on feeling ready.  Chances are you won’t ever feel 100% ready for a change.  There will always be more to learn and do to get ready. Determine if what you need to have happen in order to feel ready is something that  being on the new job and in a new working environment will solve.  Confidence for instance is usually a byproduct of taking action, not something that simply happens magically.
  • What are the specific signs that will let you know you are ready? Develop concrete milestones that indicate you are ready instead of waiting for your feelings to catch up with your circumstances. Make a list and a plan. As you clear each checkpoint, imagine yourself closer to the goal and that much more confident of your abilities.  Make sure that waiting until you feel ready isn’t a handy excuse that is holding you back from moving forward.

As you answer these questions, think about the alternative.  If you remain where you are, how will you feel in one year?  What will be the same and what will be different?  Recognize that not making a change now has consequences beyond keeping everything status quo.

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Kim Yarborough

Kim Yarborough

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