Teaching the High Energy Child

The High Energy Student

Is there a student in your class who is the energizer bunny?  Always moving… always talking?

Is your student a bundle of energy and curiosity, moving from one activity to another but never completing anything?

Does your child love interaction and being in the center of attention?

Then you are probably blessed with a child with an ‘I’ personality style.

The Four Basic Personality Styles

According to the DISC personality program, there are four basic personality styles.  We are all blends of these.  Here are the characteristics of each.:

D:  dominant, determined, decisive

I:  interactive, inspiring, influential

S:  stable, sweet, supportive

C:  competent, cautious, conscientious

Strategies for the High Energy Child

What can you do to help the high ‘I’ child succeed? Encourage the high ‘I’ child with short term goals and recognition, so they will flourish. At the same time they need to have clear boundaries and be held accountable and responsible. Just as they are great at influencing and encouraging others they can also lean toward manipulating others with their charming personality.  Don’t let them talk their way out of the necessary chores and assignments!

The energizing fuel for this personality is FUN!  You will get better cooperation if you can inject some element of fun into their responsibilities. Make tasks into a game or contest. Resist bailing them out if they fail to follow-through though and help them develop the discipline necessary to accomplish their goals.

 Your Personality Style Matters

As always, your own personality style can influence how you interact.

  • If you are a high ‘D’ personality style, you will need to remember that the ‘I’ personality is more concerned about relationships and having fun than results.  Your skill in accomplishing the goals is something the ‘I’ personality can benefit from learning.  Help them learn to transform talk into action.
  • If you are also  ‘I’ wired  then you will have a lot in common with your fun-loving and social child.  However, make sure that you help them develop organizational skills and responsibility as well.
  • If you are  ‘S’ wired  keeping up with the pace of this active and outgoing child can be a challenge for you.  You must learn to set firm limits and follow through, since her charming and fast-talking ability can leave you wondering how you got persuaded into something you had no intention of doing.  Hold her accountable and do not overdo for her.
  • If you are ‘C’ wired, you must first recognize that your personality is exactly opposite of that of the ‘I’ wired child.  You may need to modify your high expectations and look for ways to encourage him in his strengths.  This child hungers for acceptance and recognition, so find ways to encourage them as much as they encourage others.

Finally, no matter what your teaching style is, find time to enjoy your high ‘I’ student as much as they enjoy life!  They can bring sunshine and smiles into any group they are a part of.

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