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Stop the Waiting Game and Take Action

In September 2001, my husband passed away suddenly of an aortic dissection.  He was 51 years old. Our children were 17 and 20.  As you might imagine in the midst of the tragedy and grief, there were a lot of what ifs. There always are when there is a great loss. However there was something else that truly changed my life and how I approached it from that time on. There were a lot of unfulfilled dreams. There were plans that never came to fruition. There were feelings that were never expressed.

In a recent school training, the principal who has known me for several years, introduced me as someone who sees a dream and goes for it with great focus. Someone who has an idea and makes its happen. It is true. The losses in my life have opened my eyes to the necessity of taking action, even when it is imperfect and risky. They have created an urgency in my life that did not exist before. It doesn’t mean that I am always successful at realizing my goals, far from it.  Instead it means that once I set a goal, I determine a reasonable plan of action and start moving forward. I often fail. But sometimes I am wildly successful and that success fuels me for the next dream and the next plan.

While dream achiever is an accurate description of my life today, it hasn’t always been that way. I spent more years than I care to remember wishing, waiting and hoping.  I had dreams.  I had ideas.  I had plans even, but I waited. And waited. And waited.  What was I waiting for?

I waited for perfection– I waited for the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect situation, the perfect relationship.  I waited to be perfectly prepared.  It never happened.

I waited for discovery-I hoped and even prayed for someone to find me and recognize my talent and gifts.  I expected when they did that they would lead me, carry me if necessary down the pathway to success.  It never happened. 

I waited for  certainty-I waited to know that moving forward and taking action was the right thing to do.  I waited for someone wiser and more knowledgeable to advise me.  I waited for a blinding flash of insight and confidence that would indicate that I was on the right path.  It never happened.

What changed?  One day the losses in my life spoke to me in a way so clear that I knew I could not afford to wait another day, another minute, another second to take action on realizing the dreams that I had for my life. Since that time I have experienced much success but even more failure. Throughout it all, it has been the best decision of my life. It is a decision that I renew with great anticipation and equally great trepidation every day. And it forms the basis of the coaching that I do with all my clients.  

You never know how much time you have left to realize your dreams.  

And I’d hate for you to leave them behind.  

I am passionate about helping you create a plan to realize your dreams as well.

GO FOR IT!  Dream Achiever Coaching has helped me give voice to my long-term dreams and begin to take the necessary steps to finally make them a reality.  Lynne is very encouraging, and helps me see things in ways I may not have otherwise seen. Working with Lynne has given me a new confidence that I CAN achieve my dreams!

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