2 Success Rituals

Morning Success Rituals Can Change Your Life

Do you have trouble getting yourself motivated to work on your business?

Are physical problems sapping your energy?

Do you feel like you work all the time but can’t get traction on attaining your goals?

I recently had a client who was in an energy slump.  She had physical problems that were dictating her energy.  She had motivation problems as she transitioned out of her day job into self-employed.  It was definitely a valley of misery in a season of change.  Guess what made the difference?  She read the book, Miracle Morning and was energized by how someone who had similar issues, (physical problems, lack of focus, business and financial problems) was able to turn his world around by following a simple morning ritual.

Creating “When life works” success rituals can turn your life around and ramp your productivity up.  I’ve written about this before in another post but it is easy to get off track due to illness, changes in family situations, travel, vacations and any personal changes.  If your life is out of kilter it may be time to review your success rituals and get back on track.

Make Success Rituals Bookends to Your Day

First of all create a morning ritual.  In the book Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod suggests a time of silence,  exercise,  prayer or meditation, affirmation and positive self-talk, learning through reading new material and writing in a journal.  The trick here is to schedule your time and stick to your schedule so that you cover all the aspects of preparing to be successful in your day but don’t get derailed in any one area.  For instance, you don’t want to get so involved in reading that you are engrossed in your book until lunch, only to discover that the creative morning time has been lost.  Know when your most energetic and creative times are during the day and make sure that you have uninterrupted time for your most challenging work.

Next bookend your day by creating an end of day ritual.  Designate a time to end your work day… and stick to it!  Too many entrepreneurs burn themselves out by working all hours of the day and night.  Before you end your day, create a schedule for the following day; set goals, list people you need to contact and clear your work space so that you have a fresh start in the morning.  You will return to work with a positive attitude and positive anticipation if you don’t have to track down where you left off and finish loose ends first thing in the morning.

By beginning your day with a ritual and finishing your day with a ritual, you will feel your energy increase, your productivity rise and maintaining your focus will be much easier.  Life really does work best when we establish success rituals and follow through on them.

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