School Counselors and “Extra Duties”

tired teacher

Recess Duty Lunch Duty Specials Rotation Classes Testing Coordinator It goes on and on. Everyone in a school must pull together to make it work, so teamwork counts, but what do you do when you feel that all the extra duties are creating a serious problem in meeting the goals of the actual job description…

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Picking the Topics for Elementary Small Groups

happy teacher

Small groups are a great way develop relationships with students and teach meaningful lessons, all while maximizing your time by serving several students at once. What’s the downside? For me it was developing an effective system that I could repeat over and over rather than re-creating the wheel every year. The first question to tackle…

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Are You Procrastinating?

How to overcome the procrastination monster What are you avoiding doing…right now? Getting some work done? Connecting with someone that you need to talk to? Spending some time in renewal:  exercise, meditation, prayer? Procrastination takes many forms. Sometimes in the past, if I wasn’t clear on exactly what the perfect next step was, I’d get…

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Focus now: Overcoming distractions

How to regain focus in your life The human brain was made to notice distractions.  This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you if you live in our technology driven world.  The ping of a text message, the lure of a new Facebook post and the pull of unread emails can disrupt even the…

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night time productivity hacks

how to jump start your day Many times entrepreneurs think productivity hacks are just for starting and fast tracking your day.  But one of the key things you can do to set yourself up for success is finish your day well.  Here are some ways to finish strong: Create boundaries Determine an end time and…

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Two Tips to Double Your Productivity

productive woman on phone

Eliminate Two Things to Be More Productive What if you could make two simple changes in your life and double your productivity?   What if it not only increased your productivity but it also freed you from unnecessary stress and frustration?  It’s a no brainer… right?  Here are two changes I’ve been making that have improved…

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