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how to jump start your day

Many times entrepreneurs think productivity hacks are just for starting and fast tracking your day.  But one of the key things you can do to set yourself up for success is finish your day well.  Here are some ways to finish strong:

  1. Create boundaries

Determine an end time and stick to it.  It is easy as an entrepreneur to always be working.  You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner over your computer and still stay up all hours of the night working on just one more thing.  Instead, set a time to stop and say to yourself, “Now it’s time to …”  then move away from your office and electronics until start time in the morning. Pace yourself so that you don’t leave anything hanging though.  Finish that dreaded task that will haunt you all night if you don’t get it done before you move on.  

  1. Clear your desk

Nothing gives you and others a sense of accomplishment like a clean desk.  Put work away. Refresh your stacks and put away files and other materials.  Only leave out what you need to start the next day.  Speaking of which…

  1. Set a priority for the next day.

Check your calendar for the next day then plan out what will make tomorrow truly significant.  What one thing would you like to accomplish?  Put it on your calendar and schedule a time frame for that to happen. Then show up and do it.

  1. Do something nice for someone.

End your day on a positive note by doing something to make someone else’s day.  Send an encouraging message or text.  Forward an article or picture that will make someone smile.  You might encourage a friend, family member or co-worker, but helping others feel good will result in you feeling good as well.  

  1. Be grateful.

No matter how difficult or stressful your day, take a moment to be grateful. Think of three things you are thankful for.  Write in your gratitude journal.  Say a prayer.  Send someone a thank you card or make a phone call.  Gratitude gives you a different perspective and ultimately leads to happiness. 

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