Choose one word to focus your year

What being open has meant in 2017

Every year I choose a word to define my year.  I’ve been doing this for a while so I’ve journeyed along side joy, adventure, possibilities and love.  This year my word has been open.  I wanted to create a mindset of being open to everything around me.  Here is what that has meant:

Open to the present:  I have focused on being truly present and focused on whatever is going on at the time.  So often I have found myself not appreciating the present moment because my mind is reviewing the past or anticipating the future.  Instead I want to savor the present and make it a powerful memory.  This is only possible by maintaining focus and paying attention to the current experience in all it’s aspects.  I make the choice that:

  • I will live each day as if it is my last.

Open mind:  I continue to learn and grow in many different areas.  While I certainly have my interests and areas of expertise that I continue to explore, I look for new experiences as well. I do something everyday that challenges me to break out of my routine and comfortable mindset.  I approach new experiences without prior judgement and look for the value even in negative or discouraging events.  We grow not from experience itself but from evaluated experience.  I make the choice that:

  • I will take away something of value from everyone and everything I experience. 

Open heart:  I ask, “What does love require of me?” in every interaction and relationship that I encounter.  I am vulnerable and genuine. Sometimes love requires that I hold someone close.  Other times it requires that I release them and encourage them to fly.  My focus is on their needs and that in turn fulfills my own. Sometimes love results in pain and grief but by being open to those feelings I am also opening myself to love, support and encouragement in return. I make the choice that:

  • I will share love and support with everyone I meet as I listen to and experience their story.  

What will my word be for the upcoming year?  Expand 

Here is the definition:

to increase or grow in extent, bulk, scope, etc.
to spread out; unfold; develop:
to express something more fully or in greater detail
Have you picked your word for the year?  I’d love to hear what you picked and why.  Let’s gain focus and clarity together:)


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