Personality Style and Sales

woman leader

How personality impacts sales Business is about sales and  sales is about relationships.  While you may think that your business is about your unique product or your quality service it is ultimately about the relationships that you create and nurture around your product or service.  Whenever people are involved there is the possibility of either…

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Top 3 sales mistakes

Top 3 Sales Mistakes Are you disappointed in the number of sales and the money you are making in your business? Are you starting to think that you can’t sell anything? Don’t worry. I bet it’s not you and it’s not your product. It’s the mindset and the message that you are using. You can learn…

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3 best sales practices

Best Sales Practices for Success Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to  sales in your business? Should you be? Or is it more important to make sure you are thinking inside the right box? A recent post was about the top 3 sales mistakes that I see clients make. In this post,…

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Three ways to reset your business during a crisis

group conversation

Reset Your Business The Covid-19 crisis has probably had a feast or famine effect on your business. Some businesses are so busy trying to meet the surge in demand that owners and employees alike are exhausted. Other businesses are stalled and in waiting mode as they wonder when they can reopen and get back on…

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