How to overcome the procrastination monster What are you avoiding doing…right now? Getting some work done?  Connecting with someone that you need to talk to? Spending some time in renewal:  exercise, meditation, prayer? Procrastination takes many forms.  I’ve been meaning to write this post all day but I’ve avoided it by doing lots of other…

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How to change bossy behavior in children

A feud between children

Changing bossy behavior Is your child strong willed? Do you have a strong willed student in your classroom? Determined Spirited In charge Self-reliant Competitive We can either embrace their strengths or spend our days in power struggles.  We can appreciate the value and leadership they can bring to any group or we can challenge their…

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10 secrets of genuinely confident people

confident woman

How to Develop the Confidence You Want Being confident is not a gift.   It’s not built into your DNA   It’s a step by step learned process   Genuinely confident people understand that being confident is not something that descends upon you, fully formed. They didn’t wake up one morning and discover they were suddenly…

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Stuck in your job?

What to do in the meantime. Do you spend as much time complaining about your job as you do working on your job? Are you envious of co-workers who have left but feel like you will never be able to leave? Are there so many obstacles to leaving your job that you get overwhelmed and give up just thinking…

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