Making School Year 2024-2025 the Best Year Ever


Create an Intentional year What can we do to get off to a great start and create the conditions necessary for a new beginning?  There’s a lot! Five Strategies for a Magical and Intentional Year Set an intention–-Not to get all woo-woo on you here but this is a useful technique for whatever you are doing that…

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Planning Counts: Ending the School Year Strong

counselor lesson plans

Planning Counts One thing that I enjoyed about working in a school was that the year and the job had a definite beginning and end. There was always the excited anticipation at the beginning of the year and of course a different kind of excitement as the year came to a close and students moved…

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Merry Christmas from Wyatt the Wonder Dog

Wyatt Giving-ChristmasTree

Merry Christmas! T’was the night before Christmas and all through the land, Wyatt and friends were feeling quite grand. They’d learned quite a bit about it’s meaning you see— For the spirit of Christmas is generosity. Wyatt used to think Christmas was all about things; Presents and toys, electronics that ding. But now he knows…

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10 Ways to Hire Successfully

How to Hire Successfully Covid 19 has created a mixed bag in the business world. Some businesses are so busy they can’t keep up with the demand, especially if their product is necessary to protect individuals from the virus. Others are shutting down altogether and their employees are out of work. If you are in…

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Your Story Matters in Your Business

Why tell your story? Every business owner has a story.  Some are so well known that the business is the story.   Think Pencils of Promise or Tom’s Shoes. As a leader in your business, your story inspires others. It identifies the core values of your brand.  It makes your product or service memorable.  It…

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Helping kids develop a good work ethic

kids and careers

Tips for Teaching Kids a Good Work Ethic Everywhere I turn, I hear complaints about the lack of a good work ethic in today’s employees.  In a study of 1000 employers across the country, Josh Davies, the CEO of the Center for Work Ethic Development  in Colorado asked the top six work traits that employers look…

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