Book Specials from Wyatt

Gifts and the Five Love Languages

The Holidays and Gift Giving The holidays are almost upon us and as usual there is a lot of discussion about gifts. A big dilemma for me when my children were little was what to get  and how much to get. The lists they gave me seemed endless and constantly changing, depending on the current toy…

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Make summertime–reading time

Make Reading a Summer Adventure Summer is here!   Planning to relax and chill out? Worried about keeping the kiddos entertained?  Afraid they will be brain-dead from too much screen time by the time school starts back? Summer is a great time to encourage kids to spend time reading. Not only is it entertaining but…

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3 Children’s Picture Books that make great gifts!

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, there are lots of new children’s books available! I love all of Rosalind Bunn’s picture books but the latest one is a real gem.  Whose’s Shadow Do You S_ _? is the story of a little boy who is reluctantly going to bed.  After the last bedtime story is…

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