Five Top Sales Strategies for Introverts

Introverts can be Great at sales

Do you have an idea for a business or a product but think that you don’t have the self-confidence to sell it? Have you put the time and effort into creating a product… but hate asking people to buy it? Do you describe yourself as an introvert who gets shaky knees and heart palpitations just thinking about making a sell? Do you give all your stuff away because you hate selling it?

I talk with lots of introverts who are passionate about their product and  starting a business.  The biggest road block? Selling it. Connecting with potential customers.  Marketing, promoting and selling.  Many have  an awesome product but they give up because the idea of selling is too hard.

I’m an introvert myself and learning to sell my children’s books and my coaching services has taken a huge mind shift for me.  However, I’ve come to realize that introverts are uniquely wired to be great salespeople.  Here are my top five sales strategies for introverts:  (they’re not a bad idea for extroverts as well)

Make sure you love  and believe in your product.  This seems obvious, but if you signed up to sell jewelry or a weight loss drink or whatever, because someone told you you could make tons of money at it, but you don’t really care for the product, in fact you don’t even use the product yourself, you are going to have a hard time persuading others to buy it either.

Make sure you identify your ideal customer.  Just because your product is made for women, doesn’t mean that all women everywhere are going to want or need your product.  Spend some time determining exactly who you are marketing to.  Here are just a few questions to get you started:

  1. What is your ideal customers’ biggest challenge or problem?
  2. What does your ideal customer love to do?  What would they pay anything to make happen or change?
  3. Where does your ideal client hang out?  online?  in the real world?
  4. What are three mistaken beliefs that your ideal customer has?

Provide value that helps your client. Once you’ve identified the problem your customer faces, determine how you can help them overcome the challenge that you identified. You can do this in lots of ways.  You can write a blog, send out a newsletter, offer a free class, start a podcast or create videos.  Use the medium that works best for you.  Here’s the key word:  consistency.  Don’t write a blog today and the next one six months from now… or never.  You will  be shooting yourself in the foot and losing clients rather than creating them.

Develop a relationship with your clients.  People buy from other people that they know and trust. Rather than pushing your product on others, pull the customer toward you with a genuine, heart felt relationship. This is something that introverts are especially good at.  Spend time listening to your clients’ concerns and showing them that you care and want to help.  This is the heart of good sales–helping others.

Create packages with your product that create exceptional value, creativity and/or service.  People are naturally drawn to packages whether it is buying a series of books or signing up for a series of online classes. Not only is this more profitable for you but it also better meets client’s ongoing needs.

When you work in your strengths and learn some new strategies, sales can actually be something that you not only enjoy but look forward to. Yes, even if you are an introvert:)

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  1. Martha Orlando on October 7, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Fantastic advice for introverts like us! 🙂 Sharing, Lynne!

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